Temperature Screening

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Rapidly deployed screening and safety systems to help you get back to work safely and stop the spread of covid-19 on construction sites.

Our temperature screening cameras are designed to measure body temperature quickly and effectively in the most demanding environments. We offer a full rapid deployment service, helping to create a seamless, efficient screening system with zero disruption.

Tests more than just temperature
Our systems not only test the skin temperature of every person, they can detect whether the person is wearing a face mask, dynamically detect the 'normal' skin temperature which can change with weather, and record data on everything it captures. It's the ultimate tool in the fight to keep construction sites safe from infection.
Rapid installation with minimal disruption
Although highly sophisticated, our systems can be installed very quickly and without disruption. Site entrances can be quickly adjusted to allow for the automatic screening of every person, feeding data to the site-office and integrating seamlessly with our access control systems.

A full range of construction site COVID-19 products

Screening systems

Check the temperature of every person before they enter your site. With smart tech that isn't confused by hot drinks, warm weather or electrical devices.

Sanitising stations

Implement a robust protocol of sanitisation that's easy for people to adhere to, with well placed simple-to-use sanitiser stations in high traffic areas.

PPE & disinfectant products

Ensure refills are kept replenished and all personnel have the appropriate personal protective equipment. We can supply and replenish consumables throughout the build.

Contactless thermometers

Contactless mobile thermometers are useful on smaller sites, or in situations where full automated screening systems are not practical or economical.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 on your site, with a bespoke screening and safety solution.
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