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Security and safety services for all types of civil engineering projects

Mitigate threats with a custom security system

Criminals target sites in search of metals, fuels, equipment and materials. Civil engineering sites often fall victim to vandalism, fly-tipping and trespassing. 

Our custom security solutions detect and deter these threats and can be tailored to the unique needs of your site, whether power is available or not.

We’re also able to provide fire and safety solutions to ensure your site and your people remain safe and secure throughout your project.

24/7 Monitored CCTV Systems

Our remotely monitored systems are connected to NSI GOLD or British Standard monitoring stations (ARC), with dedicated operatives watching over your site.

Total coverage day & night

Every part of your site, no matter its size, can be covered day and night by our 4K CCTV cameras. Recording HD clear footage 24 hours a day.

Failsafe design

All of our systems are designed with fallback alarm systems and breakage monitors. If part of the system fails, a backup alarm system is activated and our engineers are alerted.

Wireless options available

Where power is not available, we offer wireless alarm activated CCTV systems. Powered by an internal battery, these systems can be installed virtually anywhere.

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