Fire systems

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Flexible, proven fire systems, designed specifically for the construction industry

Our Cygnus fire systems are extremely robust and reliable. Every unit acts as a signal booster, providing reliable, long-range wireless protection to construction sites of any size. With waterproof external call points, first responder stations and SMS notifications, it really is the ultimate fire protection for any construction site.

First responder stations
Waterproof, rugged and wirelessly connected for total reliability. Our fire, first aid and spillage first responder stations can be installed anywhere and moved when required to provide flexible fire and safety provision to any site.

Complete with fire extinguishers, first aid equipment or spill kits housed within each trolley.

Fire alarm call points
Call points can be installed around the site with break glass fire triggers and first aid alerts.

Once activated, all call points will sound the alarm. An alert is sent to a control panel in the site office, with the location of the raised alarm and optionally an SMS or call is sent to fire safety personnel.

Designed for construction. Built for your project.

24/7 fire protection

Wireless heat sensors provide 24hr fire protection. Detecting signs of fire and alerting our alarm centre at any time of day or night. We can then alert key holders and emergency services to investigate.

Total control

Conduct routine fire drills, locate activated alarms and manually evacuate your entire site from one site-office control panel.

Fully integrated

Our fire systems can be connected to our CCTV and access control systems, to help provide additional information to emergency responders and improve evacuation procedures.

Rugged and reliable

Our fire systems have been developed specifically for the construction environment. Rugged housings, waterproof casings and clear labelling make them the ideal on-site solution.

Get a compliant, reliable construction site fire system from Wellington.

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