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Protecting vital forests as well as your construction site

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We're proud to be part of The World Land Trust's Buy An Acre programme. Protecting vital and threatened forests around the world.

When you work with Wellington Site Security, we’ll buy and protect an area of forest the same size as your site. For every 1 acre of construction site we protect, we buy an acre of tropical forest, protecting threatened species and combating deforestation.

World Land Trust’s goal is to protect forest habitats that are critically threatened. These forests produce around 30 per cent of our oxygen, but they’re being destroyed, as more than 200,000 acres are lost each day.

WLT’s landmark programme, Buy an Acre began in 1989 with its first project in Belize. Over the past 30 years, WLT has helped to fund the purchase and protection of tropical forest and other threatened habitats across many countries, to save habitat for wildlife. To date, through the generosity of WLT supporters, more than 880,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats have been secured.

Buy an Acre projects are chosen to save maximum biodiversity. With projects in Mexico, Belize, Argentina and Bolivia.