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Industry-leading wireless and hard-wired security systems designed for farms, with nationwide coverage.

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Farm CCTV security camera systems installed across the UK

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Introducing Wellington’s Farm CCTV Systems, the ultimate solution for farm security. Our advanced cameras provide round-the-clock monitoring with high-definition imaging and night vision technology, ensuring clear footage even in low-light conditions.

Equipped with intelligent motion detection and real-time alerts, our systems enable farmers to promptly respond to potential threats like trespassing, theft, and vandalism.

With scalable and customisable solutions, Wellington caters to farms of all sizes, offering peace of mind and reliable protection. Choose Wellington for cutting-edge farm security solutions that deliver unmatched performance and ease of use.

24/7 Monitored CCTV Systems

Our remotely monitored systems are connected to NSI GOLD or British Standard monitoring stations (ARC), with dedicated operatives watching over your site.

Solar & battery powered solutions available

In addition, Wellington offers solar and battery-powered solutions tailored for farms, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even in remote locations without access to traditional power sources.

Wireless CCTV cameras for farms

We also provide wireless farm CCTV camera systems, designed to cover large areas and protect your whole farm perimeter.

Total coverage day & night

Every part of your site, no matter its size, can be covered day and night by our 4K CCTV cameras. Recording HD clear footage 24 hours a day.

Failsafe design

All of our systems are designed with fallback alarm systems and breakage monitors. If part of the system fails, a backup alarm system is activated and our engineers are alerted.

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