Construction site CCTV

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Construction site CCTV systems, tailor made to suit your project. With nationwide coverage, remote monitoring, emergency response and keyholding services.

Designed around the specific needs of your site and monitored 24/7 for the prevention and prosecution of intruders, our 4K monitored CCTV systems are amongst the most advanced in the industry. With infra-red night vision technology, motion sensors and around-the-clock monitoring through NSI GOLD and British Standard monitoring stations (ARC), our solutions offer total perimeter control, and total peace of mind.

Total coverage day & night
Every part of your site, no matter its size, can be covered day and night by our 4K CCTV cameras. Recording HD clear footage 24 hours a day.
Failsafe design
All of our systems are designed with fallback alarm systems and breakage monitors. If part of the system fails, a backup alarm system is activated and our engineers are alerted.
24hr emergency response
When alerted by our systems, our motorcycle units can be dispatched to your site in minutes to secure the perimeter and alert the necessary authorities.
NSI GOLD remote monitoring
Our remotely monitored systems are connected to NSI GOLD or British Standard monitoring stations (ARC), with dedicated operatives watching over your site.
Wireless options available
Where power is not available, we offer wireless alarm activated CCTV systems. Powered by an internal battery, these systems can be installed virtually anywhere.
Key holding service
Our emergency response teams can securely store keys to the site. Ensuring that access can be gained, securely and quickly at any time of day or night.
Time lapse construction videos
It's not just security that our cameras are used for. We can also setup specialist time lapse cameras on-site to capture years of work and condense it into a short video. Perfect for case studies, marketing and PR.

High definition

Our HD cameras ensure you’re capturing every detail on-site.

No more pixelated or jittery footage, just smooth, crisp, full colour video.

Access anywhere

Access live footage remotely from any security enabled device.

With the ability to rotate and tilt certain cameras from the app, this system is useful not only for security but for management too.

Infrared technology

Clear coverage when your site needs it most.

Our cameras feature infrared night vision technology to ensure nothing goes unseen, even in total darkness.

Remotely monitored

NSI GOLD or British Standard monitoring stations with dedicated operatives watch over your site remotely.

With the ability to activate audio deterrents, alert the client and call authorities to the site.

Rapid deployment

Wireless, battery powered units can be quickly installed on any site and easily moved to new locations.

They provide rapid, temporary security cover when it’s needed.

Well connected

When motion is detected a 10 second video and alarm signal are sent to our NSI GOLD or British Standard monitoring stations where immediate review and verification can initiate a priority response and dispatch.

Low cost, high spec

  • Colour video footage
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Integrated infrared illuminators
  • Tamper sensing accelerometer
  • IP 65 Weatherproof
  • Up to 4 years battery life

Secure your construction site with a bespoke CCTV system from Wellington.

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